Common Applications for Permanent Magnets

Neodymium Magnets

‚ÄčHeadphonesReed SwitchesHome Alarm SystemsHard Disc DrivesMagnetic Knife Holder

Neodymium magnets are frequently used for many types of consumer, commercial, industrial & technical applications where strong permanent magnets are required. Due to their high-magnetic strength, components that previously had to be large and heavy can now be miniaturized by using Neodymium magnet material.

  • Common Applications: holding systems requiring very high holding forces, sensors, reed switches, hard disc drives, audio equipment, acoustic pick-ups, headphones & loudspeakers, MRI scanners, magnetically coupled pumps · motors & generators, magnetic tool holders, magnetic bearings,  door catches,  dental instruments, medical devices, magnetic separators,  lifting machinery, crafts & model making, hanging artwork, levitation devices, POP displays, commercial signage, packaging closures,  jewelry clasps & more.
We carry a large inventory of Neodymium magnets in disc, block, rod & ring shapes, in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades, available for online purchase. We can also custom manufacture these to your exact specifications. Just let us know what you are looking for by sending us a request for quote or contact us today to discuss your specialty project.

Ceramic Magnets

Magnets for LiftingCrafts & Model MakingClassroom Projects & Science ExperimentsCeramic Fridge MagnetsCeramic Button Magnets

Ceramic (Ferrite) magnets are the lowest cost hard magnets available today, making them the ideal choice for a wide variety of consumer & commercial applications. In addition, ceramic magnets have excellent resistance to oxidation so they do not typically require an additional protective coating, plating or surface finish. Ceramic magnets are hard and brittle, so they require special machining techniques and are best machined in an un-magnetized state.

  • Common Applications: lifting applications, school projects, loudspeakers, guitar pick-ups, eddy current devices, breaks and clamps, motors, generators, switches, relays, security systems, sweeper magnets, crafts and model making, DIY projects, science experiments, classroom displays, store displays, lifting machinery, apparel, office display boards, home or office organization, promotional gifts and more.

We carry a large inventory of ceramic magnets in disc block and ringshapes, in a wide range of shapes, sizes and grades, available for online purchase. We can also custom machine these to your desired shape and size. Just let us know what you are looking for by sending a request for quoteor contact us today to discuss your specialty requirements.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Robotic ArmsElectric MotorsMRI ScannerMilitary Missile Components Aircraft Tail Fin Rudders

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets have excellent temperature stability while maintaining their magnetic properties for applications involving extreme temperature conditions. Because of their unique attributes, SmCo magnets are ideally suited for technical applications where high-performance is critical, strong magnetic strength is required, and space is a limiting factor. Commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, medical, military, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor, wind, power, oil and energy industry.

  • Common Applications: high-performance permanent magnet motors, actuators, generators, turbo machinery, electric motors, magnetic separation devices, traveling wave tubes, magnetic couplings, magnetic bearings, sensor systems, energy recovery systems,  medical devices, missile components, industrial automation equipment, pipeline inspection and drilling equipment, wind turbine equipment, robotic arms, gyroscopes, accelerometers, particle accelerators, sputtering deposition, halbach arrays, drive components & more.
We carry a large inventory of SmCo disc magnets in various sizes available for online purchase. We can also custom manufacture these to your exact specifications using our in-house manufacturing facilities and experienced team of engineers. Just let us know what you looking for by sending a request for quote or contact us today to discuss your specialty requirements.

Flexible Magnets - Magnetic Strips, Sheets & Labels

Warehouse Labeling MagnetsMagnets for Packaging ApplicationsMagnetic Strips for Window TreatmentsFlexible Magnets for POP DisplaysStore Displays

Flexible Magnets are used for hundreds of consumer and commercial applications as it’s easy to use, easy to customize and easily adheres to other items. Flexible magnet material can be bent, twisted, coiled, or cut with scissors and utility knives. Flexible magnetic sheets and strips can be printed, silkscreened or painted with permanent and erasable markers.

  • Common Applications: warehouse organization, labeling projects, POP displays, crafting projects, toys, games, window and door seals, promotional giveaways, business cards, packaging closures, vehicle signs, trade show displays, badge holders, masking areas for painting, large format graphics, model making, store displays, office presentationa, DIY home improvement projects, commercial signage, fridge magnets, packaging solutions & more.

We carry a large inventory of Flexible Magnetic Sheets & Strips in a wide range of sizes, shapes and finishes available for online purchase. In addition to Magnetic Sheets and Magnetic Strips, we offer Magnetic Label HoldersWrite-on Magnetic Strips, and Magnetic business cards.

Alnico Magnets

Guitar Pick UpsWind Turbine EquipmentPipeline Inspection EquipmentIndustrial Automation EquipmentMilitary Radar Equipment

Alnico magnets are relatively high in magnetic strength, offer excellent temperature stability and can be used in temperatures up to 1000°F (500°C), making them the preferred choice for many industrial applications. Alnico magnets are manufactured through a casting or sintering process, so they can be made into complex shapes, not possible with other magnet materials. Commonly used in the oil and gas, medical, aerospace, miltary and defense, industrial automation, automotive, and manufacturing industry.

  • Common Applications: guitar pickups, electrical motors, bearings, traveling wave tubes, aerospace equipment, rotating machinery, sensors and sensing devices, communications, meters and instruments, harsh environment equipment, high temperature handling equipment, heat treatment jigs, medical devices, industrial machinery, microphones, robotics arms, industrial automation equipment, actuators, military radar equipment, magnetors, security systems & more.
We carry a large inventory of Alnico 5 rod magnets and Alnico 8 disc magnets in various sizes and thicknesses. We can also custom machine these to your exact specifications. Just let us know what you are looking for by sending a request for quote or contact us today to discuss your specialty project.
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