Neodymium Tube Magnets

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High-Strength Magnetic Tube Assemblies

Magnetic Tubes (also known as Magnetic Separator Rods, Magnetic Cylinders, Magnetic Cartridges & Finishing Magnets) are made with extremely high strength neodymium magnets assembled with pole pieces in a non-magnetic, durable stainless-steel tube. These exceptionally strong magnetic assemblies provide the highest level of magnetic separation.

Our neodymium tube magnets are designed to collect & remove small ferromagnetic contaminants & unwanted ferrous metals & particles from free-flowing products. They are ideal for cleaning or removing tramp metals in food processing equipment or other sensitive industrial processes.

Simple to use & easy to install, they can be used on their own or incorporated into grates or grids. Each end of the tube has a ¼-20 tapped hole to accept M6 bolts (included for your convenience) for easy mounting.

SmCo Safety Precautions
It's important that you read this important safety information before handling this material.

Tube Magnet Applications

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Neodymium Tube Magnets can be immersed in fluids or powders, or placed strategically close to flowing product in order to remove ferromagnetic debris and contaminants. They can be placed in coolant tanks to capture grinding swarf, placed over a conveyor carrying material to be cleaned, or placed in the flow of product from which ferromagnetic particles need to be removed.


Grates & Grids

Magnetic tubes can be used on their own or incorporated into grates or grids. Each end of the tube has a ¼-20 tapped hole to accommodate M6 bolts for easy mounting.

Magnetic tubes can be arranged in a grate by fabricating a structure to hold several tubes together. The separation between the tube surfaces in a grate structure should be about 1”, with material flowing between the tubes.

Cleaning Tube Magnets

Since these High Intensity Tube Magnets are so strong, it can be difficult to remove tramp metal that is caught by the magnets. In order to clean the tubes, we recommend placing the Tube Magnets inside the thin-walled clear plastic tubes provided, allowing metal debris to collect on the outside of the plastic tube. When ready to clean, simply remove the Tube Magnet while preventing the debris from following the magnet.

Safety Precautions



*High-intensity tube magnets are extremely powerful and must be handled with care. Please keep the tube magnets in packaging until needed for use.

safety2 *When handling tube magnets, it is recommended that you use thick protective gloves in case the magnet is attracted to another magnet or to a steel surface. Due to their high magnetic strength, getting fingers pinched between the magnet and another magnet, or between a magnet and a steel surface can cause injury!

safety3 *Please keep tube magnets away from other metallic objects to avoid potential accidents.

*Please ensure that these cautions have been communicated to everyone who will handle these magnets.

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