Magnet Shapes

Large Inventory of Stock Magnet Shapes carries a large inventory of stock magnets, available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, grades and magnet materials, used for multiple purposes and applications. Whatever your design or project requires, we have the shape of magnet to suit your needs!
Each magnet shape has unique characteristics that determine how the magnetic field lines are arranged outside of the magnet as well as the strength of the magnetic pull force. Not all of the magnets available are listed on our website, so just let us know what you are looking for by sending us a special request or contact us today if you have any questions.
Click on the images below for more detailed information about the wide variety of magnet materials, sizes, grades and finishes that we offer for each of these shapes:

Features & Characteristics of Magnet Shapes 

  • What are the different types of magnet shapes? Various shapes of magnets include discs, rings, rods, buttons, cylindrical, bar, block, cube, rod, cup assemblies, spheres, and many other types of unique forms.
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