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Rolls of Magnetic Sheeting & Strips for Every Day Applications

Flexible magnetic sheeting rolls and strip rolls are simple to use and easy to manipulate, making them a popular choice for many consumer, commercial, industrial and retail applications. You can easily cut the flexible magnet materials with a scissors or utility knife to the desired size and shape of your project.

Our rolls of magnetic sheeting & magnetic strips come in a wide range of sizes, widths, thicknesses and finishes and are sold in rolls of different lengths. These rolls of heavy-duty magnetic sheeting and strips are available with an adhesive backing, as plain or with a matte-white laminate. We also offer write-on-magnetic strips in 100 ft. rolls for warehouse and office labeling applications.

Click on the images below for more detailed information about the wide variety of, sizes, grades and finishes that we offer for each of these of magnet materials:

Magnet Roll Features & Characteristics

Magnet rolls are sold in magnetic strips or magnetic sheeting with adhesive, as plain or with a white vinyl finish. We also offer write-on magnetic strips that are laminated with a white vinyl on the magnetic side.

Magnet Roll Applications

Our rolls of magnetic sheets and strips can be used for all kinds of warehouse and office labeling applications, arts and crafts projects, magnetic signs, POP displays, visuals, architectural planning charts, relocating items, and more. Our write-on strips are also ideal for visual aids, classrooms, and labs.

Custom Orders for Flexible Magnets

We can also custom slit or score rolls of magnetic sheeting and strips to your exact specifications. Contact us today or send us a RFQ and our experienced team of engineers is happy to help you determine the most economical solution for whatever your design or project requires.

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