Neodymium Hook Magnets

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Neodymium Cup Magnets with Hooks

Neodymium hook magnets are made with N35 neodymium magnets encased in a steel cup with threaded end hook. Hook magnets provide amazing strength for their small size (holding up to 246 lbs.). The steel cup creates a strong vertical magnetic pull force (especially on a flat iron or steel surface), concentrating the magnetic force and directing it to the contact surface. Steel cups are also plated with a triple layer of Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel + Copper + Nickel) using an electrolytic based process for maximum protection against corrosion & oxidation.

Neodymium hook magnets are ideal for all types of applications where strong holding strength and small hooks are required. There are useful for hanging heavy objects, tools, lights, equipment, signs & banners, for organizing cables, wires and other items in warehouses, office spaces, workstations and more.
  • N35 neodymium hook magnets are amazingly strong for their small size.
  • Steel cups are magnetized on one side for maximum holding strength & plated with a triple layer of Ni-Cu-Ni.
  • Available in various sizes with M4, M5, M6 & M8 threaded end hooks.
  • Neodymium hook magnets are axially magnetized through the thickness.
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Approximate Pull Info

The approximate pull info listed is for reference only. These values are calculated under the assumption that the magnet will be attached to a flat, ground 1/2" thick mild steel plate. Coatings, rust, rough surfaces, and certain environmental conditions can significantly reduce the pull force. Please be sure to test the actual pull in your actual application. For critical applications, it is suggested that the pull be de-rated by a factor of 2 or more, depending on the severity of a potential failure.

Manufacturing Methods

Neodymium hook magnets are sintered for optimal magnetic strength and axially magnetized (the magnetism direction is along the axis of the magnet from the north to the south poles).

Measurement Tolerances

Standard tolerances are +/- 0.005” on both diameter and thickness dimensions.

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