Disc Magnets

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Disc Magnets - Highly Versatile and Relatively Low Cost

Disc magnets are the most common shaped magnet used in today’s major markets and industries due to their versatility and economic cost. Because of their round shape, wide, flat surface and large magnetic pole area, they are ideal for all types of applications.

We carry a large inventory of permanent, disc-shaped magnets in a wide range of magnet materials, sizes, grades and finishes, not all of which are shown on this website. Please contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.
  • Custom Orders - We can also custom manufacture strong disc magnets to your exact specifications. Just send us an RFQ and our experienced team of engineers is happy to help you determine the most economical solution for whatever your design or project requires.

Features & Characteristics of Disc Magnets 

  • What are disc magnets? Disc magnets are round in shape and defined by their diameter being greater than their thickness. They have a wide, flat surface as well as a large magnetic pole area, making them the ideal choice for all types of strong and effective magnetic solutions.
  • What grades are available for disc magnets? Neodymium Disc magnets are available in grades ranging from N30 to N50. We also offer grade 5 ceramic, grades 18 & 26 Samarium Cobalt and grade 8 alnico disc magnets. 
  • What are some common applications for disc magnets? From DIY projects to crafting, model making, clothing manufacturing, OEM components, medical & scientific equipment, automotive parts and much more. Disc magnets are used frequently in holding applications where a magnet will be placed inside a drilled hole.