Neodymium Countersunk Magnets

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Countersunk Magnets - Neodymium Cup Magnets with 90° Mounting Hole

Countersunk Magnets (also known as Round Base, Round Cup, Cup or RB magnets) are very powerful mounting magnets. They are built with neodymium magnets in a steel cup with a 90° countersunk hole on the working surface to accommodate a standard flat-head screw. The screw head sits flush or slightly below the surface when affixed to your product. Key features of neodymium countersunk magnets include:

  • The magnetic holding force is focused on the working surface and is significantly stronger than an individual magnet. The non-working surface is very little or no magnetic force.

  • Constructed with N35 Neodymium magnets encased in a steel cup, plated with a triple-layer of Nickel-Copper-Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) for maximum protection against corrosion & oxidation.

  • Neodymium cup magnets are a reliable solution for any application where high-magnetic strength is required to securely fasten a magnet to an object.

Strong Neodymium Countersunk Magnets

Magnet Shop carries a wide range of neodymium countersunk magnets in diameters ranging from 0.63" to 1.65" which can hold up to 82 lbs. Not all of which are shown on this website, contact us today or send us a request for quote and let us know what you are looking for.

* $15.00 total minimum order (excluding shipping & tax if applicable) - Items can be combined to reach the minimum amount.

Neodymium Countersunk Magnet Approximate Pull Info

*Note: The approximate pull info listed is for reference only. These values are calculated assuming the magnet will be attached to a flat, ground 1/2" thick mild steel plate. Coatings, rust, rough surfaces, and certain environmental conditions can significantly reduce the pull force. Please be sure to test the actual pull in it's exact context. For critical applications, it is suggested that the pull be de-rated by a factor of 2 or more, depending on the severity of a potential failure.

Neodymium Countersunk Tolerance Info

Standard tolerances are +/- 0.005" on both diameter and thickness dimensions.

Commercial and Consumer Applications for Neodymium Countersunk Magnets

Neodymium countersunk magnets are ideal for consumer and industrial applications requiring very high magnetic strength. They are routinely used to secure, position, or mount equipment and devices. Common devices and applications that utilize neodymium countersunk magnets include:

  • Mounting Artwork
  • Automotive Components
  • Indicators
  • Antennas
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Commercial Signage
  • Electronics
  • Furniture Repair
  • Industrial Fixtures
  • Latches for Drawers, Cabinets & Gates
  • Lights & Lamps
  • Machinery
  • Medical Devices
  • Aerospace Components
  • Science Projects
  • Retail Displays & much more

Custom Fabricated Neodymium Magnets – How Can We Help?

We can custom manufacture neodymium magnets to meet your exact specifications. Contact us or send us a request for quote for questions regarding your specialty project. For more technical applications, our sister company, Integrated Magnetics specializes in manufacturing and building custom magnets & magnetic assemblies.

Your Source for Neodymium Countersunk Magnets & More

In addition to our selection of neodymium countersunk magnets, we offer a wide range of licensed magnets in premium grades, sizes, shapes, and materials. Our extensive inventory includes rare earth magnets, ceramic magnets, flexible magnets, and more. With versatile bulk ordering options, fast order turnaround, and global shipping options, Magnet Shop is your trusted source for all your magnet needs.