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Gauss Meters - Handheld Gaussmeters

Used for for Measuring Magnetic DC & AC Fields

This German made HGM09s gauss meter is a handheld, highly accurate, instrument used for measuring AC and DC magnetic fields. The gauss meter is equipped with a transverse probe (which measures fields perpendicular to the flat face of the probe), measuring flux from 0.01 gauss to 45 kilo gauss. It's an ideal portable measuring tool that has multiple useful functions.

Additional components include rechargeable batteries, a power cord, and a USB cable for recharging batteries or for uploading data points into a spreadsheet. All components are packaged in a sturdy protective carrying case for safe storage.

The above pdf provides more technical information and you can click on the item number, below, for more detailed information about the components and features. 

Additional Transverse Probes (HGMO9-TP) & Axial Probes (HGMO9-AP) are also available for purchase. Contact Us for additional information and pricing of these probes.