HGM09s Digital Gaussmeters

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HGM09s Digital Gauss Meters with Transverse Probes & Accessories

HGM09s digital gaussmeters are ideal portable measuring tools with multiple useful functions!

Buy HGM09s Handheld Digital Gaussmeters on-line today! Handheld HGM09s gaussmeters are highly accurate, portable instruments used for measuring AC and DC magnetic fields. Made in Germany, these digital gaussmeters are equipped with a transverse probe (which measures fields perpendicular to the flat face of the probe), measuring flux from 0.01 gauss to 45 kilo gauss. 

  • Additional components include rechargeable batteries, a power cord, and a USB cable for recharging batteries or for uploading data points into a spreadsheet which are packaged in a sturdy protective carrying case for safe storage.

  • HGM09s Gaussmeter Technical SpecificationsClick on the PDF for additional technical information.

  • Additional Transverse Probes (HGMO9-TP) & Axial Probes (HGMO9-AP) are also available to be purchased separately. Contact Us or send us a special request for pricing information.
  • Click on the product model # below for pricing and additional product features.

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