HGM09s Digital Gaussmeters

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HGM09s Digital Gauss Meters with Transverse or Axial Probe & Accessories

HGM09s digital gaussmeters are ideal portable measuring tools with multiple useful functions!

These handheld HGM09s gaussmeters are highly accurate, portable instruments used for measuring AC and DC magnetic fields. Made in Germany, these digital gaussmeters are equipped with either a transverse probe (which measures fields perpendicular to the flat face of the probe), or an axial probe (which measures fields parallel to the probe length), measuring flux from 0.01 gauss to 45 kilo gauss.

  • Additional components include rechargeable batteries, a power cord, and a USB cable for recharging batteries or for uploading data points into a spreadsheet which are packaged in a sturdy protective carrying case for safe storage.

  • HGM09s Gaussmeter Technical Specifications Gaussmeter Kit - Transverse Probe Technical Data

  • HGM09s Gaussmeter Technical Specifications Gaussmeter Kit - Axial Probe Technical Data

  • Additional Transverse Probes (HGMO9-TP) & Axial Probes (HGMO9-AP) are also available to be purchased separately. Contact Us or send us a special request for pricing information. Click on the product model # below for pricing and additional product features:

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* Unfortunately our gaussmeter kits are currently out of stock, and will not be available until August.