Magnet Tools

  • Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe
  • HGM09s Gaussmeter Kit
  • Magnetic Field Viewing Film
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Gaussmeters, Magnetic Viewing Film & Magnet Accessories

HGM09s Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe & Accessories Kit 

  • An excellent portable instrument for measuring magnetic flux that's highly accurate and has many useful functions! The HGM09s Gauss Meter comes packaged in a deluxe carrying case for safe storage that includes a transverse probe, rechargeable batteries, a power cord and USB cable for recharging batteries or for uploading data points into a computer.

Magnetic Field Viewing Film

  • Flexible magnetic field viewing film allows you to see the magnetic pole patterns on a magnet, and can be used for checking the shape of the poles of a magnet or magnetic assembly.

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