Magnet Tools & Accessories

  • Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe
  • HGM09s Gaussmeter Kit
  • Magnetic Field Viewing Film
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Gaussmeters & Magnetic Viewing Film - Magnetic Measuring Tools

Gauss Meter / Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe & Accessories Kit

The HGM09s gauss meter is an excellent portable instrument for measuring magnetic flux. It's highly accurate and has many useful functions! The HGM09s Gauss Meter comes packaged in a deluxe carrying case for safe storage that includes a transverse probe, rechargeable batteries, a power cord and USB cable for recharging batteries or for uploading data points into a computer.

Magnetic Field Viewing Film

Our flexible, magnetic field viewing film allows you to see the magnetic pole patterns on a magnet, and can be used for checking the shape of the poles of a magnet or magnetic assembly.

The MagSeal Dry Bag (Waterproof Phone Case/Pouch)

Our magnetically self-sealing dry bag contains double magnetic seals that keep your contents dry when submerged in water, allowing you to operate the touch screen and take pictures under water with your smartphone, through the bag! 

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