Flexible Magnets

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Flexible Magnetic Sheets, Magnetic Strips & Labeling Magnets

Flexible magnets are low-cost extruded permanent magnets made by bonding a strontium magnetic powder in a flexible vinyl binder. Flexible magnetic sheets, magnetic strips and labeling magnets are easy to use and manipulate to your desired specifications. They can be cut with scissors or a knife, bent, twisted, coiled, printed on, silk-screened, decorated or labeled using permanent or erasable markers.

Flexible magnet material is extremely versatile and adheres to multiple items and surfaces. From commercial and automotive signage to warehouse labeling, flexible magnets are used for all types of industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

We offer flexible magnetic sheeting, magnetic strips and labeling magnets in a variety of finishes, sizes and shapes, sold in strip, sheet or roll forms. We can also custom slit, score and fabricate this material to your project’s specialty requirements, contact us today or send us a special request and let us know what you are looking for.

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Flexible Magnet Features & Characteristics

Flexible magnets are easy to use, easy to manipulate, low cost and extremely versatile. They can easily be cut, bent, twisted, slit, or coiled and adhere to multiple items and surfaces. In addition, flexible magnetic materials require no surface treatments so no special precautions need to be taken to protect the magnetic surface. Our simple sheet on Care Tips will ensure that the use of magnetic sheeting on vehicles will not mar paint finishes.

Flexible Magnet Technical Data

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting Technical Data
Grade: F1
Shapes: Rolls of Sheeting & Strips
Magnetization: Axially Magnetized
Br: 1,600 Gauss
BHmax: 0.60 MGOe
Hc: 1,370 Oersteds
Max Operating Temperature: 212ºF/100ºC
Density (lb/in3): 0.133

Flexible Magnet Available Grades

We currently stock standard grade F1 magnetic sheets, magnetic strips and labeling magnets. High energy flexible magnets are also available for specialized and more technical applications. Contact us for more information about these materials.

Flexible Magnet Temperature Considerations

Above about 120° C (250° F) the vinyl binder that is used on the flexible magnet may degrade - therefore it is best to use this type of material at ambient temperatures. Flexible magnets can be used in cold as well as hot climates.

Flexible Magnet Applications

Warehouse Labeling Magnets Magnets for Packaging Applications Magnetic Strips for Window Treatments Flexible Magnets for POP Displays Store Displays

Flexible Magnets are ideal for applications where not too much strength is required, our 30 ML thick magnetic sheeting can be effectively applied to vehicles and used as vehicle signage. They are widely used for countless consumer and commercial projects including:

Custom Flexible Magnets - How Can We Help?

We can custom slit, score, diecut and fabricate flexible magnet materials to your project's specialty requirements using our in-house manufacturing facilities and experienced team of engineers. Contact us or send us a request for quote and we'll help you determine the most economical solution for your project. For more technical applications, our sister company, Integrated Magnetics specializes in custom magnets & magnetic assemblies.

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