• Magnetic Viewing Film
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Magnetic Field Viewing Film

An Easy Way to View Magnetic Fields! 

Available in three sizes - 4" square , 12" square & 18" x 36" sheet. This green 5 mil thick flexible film allows you to see the magnetic pole patterns on a magnet. The film can be used to check the shape of the poles of a magnet or magnetic assembly. Magnets are sometimes magnetized with multiple poles on a surface, and these poles can be shaped by employing a specialized magnetizing fixture. Submit a Special Request or contact us for more information.

Here’s how it works:

  • Place the film directly on the surface of the magnetic material to instantly reveal a magnetic field of any shape or pattern.
  • Dark areas indicate a magnetic pole, and light colored lines indicate the boundary line between opposite poles.
  • The Magnetic Field Viewing Film can be rolled to the shape of the magnet being viewed.