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Industrial Strength Button Magnets for Light or Heavy Duty Holding Applications

Button magnets are strong, round-shaped magnets that can be used in virtually every industry for multiple purposes, ranging from office whiteboards and home decor to industrial holding applications where high magnetic strength is required.

We offer button magnets in various permanent magnet materials, sizes, shapes and magnetic pull strengths.

  • Power Button Magnets are a popular choice for organizing your home and workplace. Made of premium-grade neodymium magnets, these magnets are shockingly strong!

  • Mighty Button Magnets are the preferred choice for all kinds of arts and crafts projects. Made of high-grade, industrial strength magnets, they are built for holding up heavy decorations such as tiles and ceramics.

  • Magnetic Memo Holders are the perfect solution for lighter holding purposes in the home or workplace. They can also be used as advertising or promotional giveaways when imprinted with your sales message or logo. We also provide custom printing services for these magnets at an economical price and fast turnaround. For custom printing options & ordering information, give us a call at 1-800-700-1076.
    or send us a special request and our experienced team of engineers will help you determine the most economical way of providing you with what you need.

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Click on the images below for more detailed information about the wide variety of, sizes, grades and finishes that we offer for each of these of magnet materials:

Features & Characteristics of Button Magnets

Button magnets are circular magnets are ideal for lighter duty holding purposes, as well as industrial strength applications. They are great for organizing, arranging, and streamlining your work process.

Available Grades for Button Magnets

Our popular power buttons are available in grade N35 for Neodymium Button Magnets, and grade 5 for our industrial-strength Mighty Button magnets.

Applications for Disc & Cylinder Magnets

Button magnets are versatile for many applications. Our magnetic memo holders are ideal for lighter holding purposes like office use, visual and directional ads, POP and retail displays, refrigerator magnets, and more. Our mighty button and power button magnets are shockingly strong and can be used for more heavy duty holding applications such as holding up tiles and ceramics.

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