• SmCo Disc Magnets
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Samarium Cobalt Disc Magnets

Buy samarium cobalt disc magnets on-line today! carries a large inventory of samarium cobalt disc magnets, available in a wide range of sizes, not all of which are shown on this website.

Samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets, part of the rare-earth magnet family, are strong permanent magnets and excellent for applications where high-temperature performance is critical. Our powerful SmCo magnets are ideal for applications where space is a limiting factor, and high magnetic strength is required.

We can also custom manufacture these to fit your exact specifications using our in-house manufacturing facilities and experienced team of engineers. Just let us know what you are looking for sending us a request for quote or contact us today, and we'll work with you to determine the most economical solution for your project.

*$15.00 total minimum order (excluding shipping & tax if applicable) -Items can be combined to reach the minimum amount.