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Magnet Materials - Overview 
Useful summary of magnetic materials
& properties of each type to help you
decide what you need
  On-Line Calculators
Useful calculators to guide you
in choosing the right magnet.
Magnet Basic FAQ's
Answers to commonly asked
questions regarding magnetism,
magnetic strength & power.
Magnet Testing & Standards
A comprehensive overview of
industry standards & magnet testing
methods that are widely used today
Magnet Design Guide
A complete guide with magnet
design & engineering considerations,
manufacturing methods & more.
  Rare Earth Data Book
An in-depth guide about high-
performance permanent magnets.


Glossary of Magnetic Terms 
A comprehensive list of magnetic
terms and what they mean. 
Magnetic Ideas
A complete catalog of magnetic 
ideas for the non-technical user.

Magnets for Crafts
Tips for crafters to help you decide
which material works best for you.
  Magnetic Tool Kit iOS App 
Our new mobile tool kit
app for apple devices. 
Magnetic Tool Kit Android App 
Our new mobile tool kit
app for android devices. 

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