Neodymium Ring Magnets

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Strong Rare-Earth Neodymium Ring Magnets

Neodymium (also known as "Neo," "NdFeb," or "NIB") ring magnets are strong Rare-Earth magnets, circular in shape with a hollow center. Neodymium ring magnets are the most powerful magnets commercially available today, with magnetic properties that far exceed those of other permanent magnet materials. Due to their high magnetic strength, neodymium ring magnets have replaced other magnetic materials for design optimization, while achieving the same result.

Neodymium Magnet Rings For Sale

At Magnet Shop, we stock licensed neodymium ring magnets in different shapes, OD/ ID diameters, finishes, and premium grades. From small ring magnets measuring 0.375” in outside diameter to 2.00” magnets that hold up to 83 lbs. If you don’t see the neo ring magnets you’re looking for, contact us today and our staff will help you determine the best solution for your project’s requirements.

* $15.00 total minimum order (excluding shipping & tax if applicable) - Items can be combined to reach the minimum amount.

*Note: The approximate pull info listed is for reference only. These values are calculated assuming the magnet will be attached to a flat, ground 1/2" thick mild steel plate. Coatings, rust, rough surfaces, and certain environmental conditions can significantly reduce the pull force. Please be sure to test the actual pull in the correct context. For critical applications, it is suggested that the pull be de-rated by a factor of 2 or more, depending on the severity of a potential failure.

Features & Technical Information for Rare-Earth Neo Ring Magnets

Like all rare earth neodymium magnets, neo ring magnets feature exceptional pull strength. They also resist demagnetization, providing a reliable, long-term magnet solution for industrial and commercial applications. We are an industry leading supplier of high-quality neodymium ring magnets, and a trusted source to customers worldwide for licensed permanent magnets of all types.

Manufacturing Methods for Neo Ring Magnets

Our neodymium ring magnets are sintered for optimal magnetic strength and axially magnetized (the magnetism direction is along the axis of the magnet from the north to the south poles). Common finishing options include a triple layer nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) plating, or aluminum IVD coating.

Standard Measurement Tolerances for NdFeB Ring Magnets

Here are the standard tolerances for Rare Earth Magnets (SmCo & NdFeB) based on the following dimensions:

  • +/- 0.004” on OD & ID dimensions ranging from 0.040” to 1.000”.
  • +/- 0.008” on OD & ID dimensions ranging from 1.001” to 2.000”.
  • +/- 0.012” on OD & ID dimensions ranging from 2.001” to 3.000”.

*Tolerance on thickness +/-0.004” regardless of size.

Neodymium Ring Magnet Industrial & Consumer Applications

Headphones Reed Switches Home Alarm Systems Hard Disc Drives Magnetic Knife Holder

NdFeB rod and cylinder magnets are used extensively in commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. These powerful magnets are found in power generation equipment, high-performance motors, consumer electronics, magnetic sensors, surgical instruments, and high-intensity separators for medical, aerospace, and automotive components. Additional uses for rare earth neo ring magnets include:

  • Holding Systems Requiring Very High Forces
  • Sensors
  • Reed Switches
  • Hard Disc Drives
  • Audio Equipment
  • Acoustic Pick-Ups
  • Headphones & Loudspeakers
  • MRI Scanners
  • Magnetically Coupled Pumps
  • Motors & Generators
  • Magnetic Tool Holders
  • Magnetic Bearings
  • Dental Instruments
  • Door Catches
  • Medical Devices
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Lifting Machinery
  • Crafts & Model Making
  • Hanging Artwork
  • Levitation Device
  • POP Displays
  • Commercial Signage
  • Packaging Closures
  • Jewelry Clasps & more

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Custom Neodymium Ring Magnets

We can custom manufacturer neodymium ring magnets to fit your exact specifications. Simply send us a special request and we’ll help you determine the most cost effective solution for your specialty project. Our sister company, Integrated Magnetics, has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing complex magnetic assemblies for more technical applications.

Your Source for Premium Neodymium Ring Magnets & More

At Magnet Shop, we supply top-quality magnets. In addition to our selection of neodymium ring magnets, we offer licensed magnets in premium grades, sizes, shapes, and materials, including samarium cobalt magnets, ceramic magnets, flexible magnets, and more. With fast nationwide delivery and global shipping options, Magnet Shop is your one-stop source for rare earth neodymium ring magnets and permanent magnets of all types.

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