Neodymium & Ceramic Cup & Pot Magnets

  • Cup & Pot Magnets
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Powerful Mounting Magnets Encased in Steel Cups

Cup and Pot magnets are strong mounting magnets, built with permanent magnet materials (either neodymium or ceramic magnets) which are encased in a steel "cup" or "pot". The steel casing creates a strong vertical magnetic pull force by concentrating the magnetic force, directing it to the contact surface. Both neodymium and ceramic cup and pot magnets are magnetized on one side and the other side can be fitted with screws, hooks or fasteners to your fixed products.

They have high magnetic strength for their small size, and ideal for all types of holding, fixing, retrieving and heavy-duty mounting applications. These magnetic assemblies are a staple for workstations, manufacturing facilities, classrooms, offices, warehouses, tradeshows, homes and more.

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