Integrated Magnetics. IMmanufacturers the most technical magnetic systems and assemblies of any magnet company, anywhere! 

Our manufacturing facilities in California, Arizona, China and Mexico allow us to provide you with the best value in high-quality magnetics. From sophisticated design assistance for high-tech applications, to recommending the right magnets for down-to-earth projects, our experienced team of engineers is ready to help!

Custom Magnets

Although the magnets listed on this site are an important part of our business, if you need other types of magnets, we are a full-line magnet supplier. The products we offer span the breadth of modern magnets: Flexible and Ceramic magnets for low-cost applications, Rare Earths for amazingly powerful magnetic properties, Alnicos for high-temperature applications, and complete magnetic assemblies, packaged and ready for use or to ship to your customer for resale purposes.

We are proud to be certified as an ISO 9001: 2008 supplier. Our quality system has been independently audited and certified to these international quality standards. To you, this simply means that you can expect consistent, quality products and services from us, and that we have a systematic method for fixing mistakes when they do happen.

Special Requests

If the magnet you need is not shown here, just tell us what you are looking for by sending a “Special Request” or filling out our Contact Us form, and our experienced team of professionals will help you with your custom magnet needs.

And if you are looking for a more technical customized magnet, magnetic sub-system, or a custom electrical machine, please visit Integrated Magnetics for more information about our custom capabilities.