Display & Chart Magnets

Magnetic Solutions for POP Displays, Presentations, Trade Shows, Labeling, Field Surveying, Signage & More! carries a wide selection of magnets, ideal for consumer and commercial display applications such as sign building, displays, trade shows, warehouse labeling, office presentations, field surveying, organizing charts, calendars, notes & more.

  • Flexible magnets - Available in Strips, Sheets or roll form, which can be custom cut, slit or scored to your specifications. Ideal for promotional displays, signs and labeling solutions since this material can be bent, twisted, coiled, cut with a pair of scissors, printed, silk screened or painted on with permanent or erasable markers. Our flexible magnets easily adhere to other items, are available in a variety of finishes and types of adhesive backing, and designed for either indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Labeling Magnets - Commonly used in warehouses, stores, shipping rooms, classrooms, labs, POP displays, and anywhere when labeling information requires frequent & instant change. Magnetic Label Holders are ideal for bar code labels that can be easily relocated on racks. Write On Magnetic Strips are excellent for creating temporary labels without requiring a printer or label maker.

  • Magnetic Map & Memo Holders - Powerful magnets for holding up charts, maps, forms, memos, notes and more. Available in plain white, or custom imprinted to your specifications.

  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips - Ideal for signs & displays, organizing your home & office, mounting lights, furniture fixings, displaying trade show materials & more.

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