and Covid-19 Status

Magnet Shop California Facility

April 15, 2020 and its parent company, Integrated Magnetics, supply standard off-the-shelf magnets and produce custom magnets, magnetic assemblies and motors used in medical devices, for military applications, and for the semiconductor industry. As such, we are considered to be part of the nation’s “essential infrastructure” and will continue to operate

While we continue to operate, we do so under a “new normal” in order to maintain maximum safety practices. These include staggered production shifts to reduce density, the ability to work from home for office staff, daily temperature readings logged for all staff, sanitizer dispensers installed at all plants, and regular meetings to reinforce safe practices to be observed by all at work and at home. In addition, we have instituted emergency paid time off for anyone who may be sick, regardless of tenure.

Please note that FedEx and other freight carriers have announced possible delays in normal delivery guarantees – please be prepared for potentially slightly longer shipping days.

Thank you and stay safe!

Anil Nanji
Integrated Magnetics