Magnet Design & Engineering is the heart of our business!

Magnet Design & Engineering

With over 60 years of magnet design and engineering experience, we provide complete, turn-key magnetic solutions that are optimized for functionality, lead-time, cost and reliability. From stock magnets to custom permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies, magnetic components and custom electrical machines, we design, build and manufacture customized solutions to meet your specifications for virtually any magnetic application.

Using our global in-house manufacturing facilities, our experienced team of technical designers and engineers will help you determine the most efficient way of providing you with what you need. Contact us today for magnetic design and engineering assistance or to discuss your project's specialty requirements.

The Integrated Technologies Group

The Integrated Technologies GroupCustom Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies is a division of the Integrated Technologies Group. The ITG group is a vertically integrated group with core competencies in advanced magnetics.

Through our sister companies, Integrated Magnetics & CMI Integrated Technologies, we are able to provide you with anything from standard magnets, to custom permanent magnets, and magnetic assemblies as well as custom electrical machines.

Integrated Magnetics

Integrated MagneticsHigh Speed RotorsIntegrated Magnetics specializes in design-to-specification or build-to-print custom permanent magnets, precision magnetic assemblies and custom electrical machines from prototype to production quantities. Our focused industries include military and defense, aerospace, oil and energy, robotics, industrial automation, transportation and more.

  • In-house grinding and EDM facilities, to fabricate custom magnets into virtually any size and shape.
  • In-house precision machining of components for assemblies, include all types of steels, aluminum, Inconel, brass, copper and plastics.
  • In-house assembly facilities include class 1000 clean rooms. With manufacturing facilities in CA, AZ, and Mexico, we provide cost optimized solutions for virtually any magnetic requirement. All locations operate under Quality Management Systems that are audited and registered to ISO:9000 standard.
  • Magnetic assemblies include high-speed rotors, MRI and medical components, devices, sputtering magnetrons, Halbach systems, down-hole tool components, linear and rotating motor components, flight hardware and more.

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CMI Integrated Technologies

CMI Integrated TechnologiesPrecision Linear ActuatorsEstablished in 1990, CMI's expertise is in designing and building custom engineered electrical machines such as motors, alternators actuators, resolvers, tachometers and specialty electromagnetic products.

Custom engineered to specifications from first principles, or built to design, CMI's vertical integration allows for rapid prototyping and iterations to home-in on final optimized designs for weight, power density, cost and environmental conditions from prototype to low and medium quantities.

  • Focused industries, military and defense, oil and gas, medical, R & D, semiconductor and industrial automation.
  • CMI specializes in low to medium volumes, short lead times, high-reliability and critical functionality.

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