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Neodymium Magnets

The most powerful magnets available

Neodymium is a class of Rare Earth material, available in both sintered and bonded forms. Major characteristics: the most powerful (highest energy product) class of magnet material commercially available today.

Quick Tips

  • Magnetic Strength: The most powerful commercially produced magnets.
  • Grades Available: Grades 35, 40, 42, and 45 are commonly available. (These numbers are an indicator of the strength of the magnet.) The highest grades available are in the 55 range.
  • Physical Strength: Hard and fairly brittle - can chip or break if dropped or if they snap together.
  • How they behave with temperature: Should not be used above 130° C (240° F) without careful magnetic circuit design.
  • Magnet surface: Neodymium magnets that are not protected with a surface coating (such as plating) may rust in humid conditions.
  • Relative cost: Neodymium magnets are a little more costly than the ceramic types, but pack a much stronger punch.
  • Care tips: Take care when handling these magnets - especially larger magnets. They are very strong and can snap together or to a steel surface with a strong force! Be careful not to pinch your finger between magnets.
  • Assembly tips: Neodymium magnets are often assembled into products using "superglues" such as Loctite 325. Always ensure that bonding surfaces are clean and dry prior to bonding.