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Ceramic Magnets

Highly Effective, and Cost-Efficient!

Ceramic (also known as "Ferrite") magnets are the lowest cost, hard magnets available today. They exhibit good resistance to demagnetization and to corrosion. Ceramic magnets are hard and brittle and often used in many consumer products such as the back of refrigerator magnets, in tools, motors etc…


Quick Tips

  • Magnetic strength: Ceramic magnets are medium strength, low cost magnets.
  • Grades available: The most commonly used ceramic magnets are Grade 5. Other grades available are 8, and 10 - but these are most often used in more demanding technical applications.
  • Physical strength: Hard and fairly brittle - can chip or break if dropped or if they snap together.
  • How they behave with temperature: Ceramic magnets can be used at fairly high temperatures, although their magnetic properties drop with temperature. At 175° C (350° F), approximately 75% of their room temperature magnetic properties are retained.
  • Magnet surface: Ceramic magnets do not need to be protected for surface rust. A thin film of magnet powder on the surface is common.
  • Relative cost: Ceramic magnets represent excellent value - medium strength at a low cost.
  • Care tips: No special care tips are needed for ceramic magnets.
  • Assembly tips: Ceramic magnets are often assembled into products using "superglues" such as Loctite 325 or other epoxies. Always ensure that bonding surfaces are clean and dry prior to bonding.

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