Magnets for Crafting

Magnets for Crafting Applications, Hobbies & Creative Projects

Traditionally, craft magnets were made of flexible or ceramic magnetic materials. But with the dramatic decreases in the price of Neodymium, these powerful magnets are now an essential part of any crafter's tool-kit!

Neodymium magnets are by far the strongest, followed by ceramic and flexible or rubberized magnets. Flexible magnets are more convenient to use, easy to cut & adhere, and the most economical.

If your project is intended to hold several sheets of paper to a refrigerator door, we recommend using ceramic magnets or neodymium magnets, since these will function much better through several sheets of paper.

Flexible (Rubber) Strip Magnets

Easy to Cut & Available with Adhesive Backing

Flexible Magnetic Strips are easy to cut to length with a knife or scissors. You can also purchase this material with a high-tack adhesive backing that makes it very easy and convenient to adhere to your product. No messing with glue sticks or other adhesives! And we can cut (or score) the material for you to your specified length.

Holding Force Tips

Flexible magnetic strips have a holding force of about 12 ounces per square inch of material when in direct contact with an unpainted, flat mild-steel plate. When in contact with a steel plate that is painted with a normal thickness of paint, this reduces to about 8 ounces per square inch.

Therefore, if you are using a strip that is 1/2" wide, you can figure on getting about 4 oz. of pull from a 1" long strip. To get more, simply use more!

Here is a calculator you can use to calculate how much material you will need to purchase based on how much pull you need, how wide you want the magnet to be, and how many pieces you need to make. (Note: you should always check the actual pull on the type of surface you want to attach to before starting production - the pull can vary a great deal depending on the surface condition!)

Scroll left and right
For Flexible Magnetic Strip that is 1/16" (0.06") thick
I need ounces of pull
I want to use material that is inches wide
I need to make pieces
You need to use at least inches of material per piece
You need feet of material altogether
You need to purchase 100-foot rolls of material

Neodymium (Neo) & Ceramic Magnets

Adhering Ceramic & Neodymium Magnets to Your Product

Hot glues work well with most surfaces and neodymium and ceramic magnets. "Super Glues" (such as Loctite) also work well with these magnets and non-porous surfaces such as metal. Always test the glue and magnet before making a final selection and make sure that all surfaces are clean so that you get a good bond.

Holding Force Tips

Approximate holding forces for each of the ceramic, neodymium magnets listed in the Products sections are shown for each part number. Here is a summary:

Scroll left and right
Disc Shaped Magnets
Part Number Material Diameter
12-F Flexible 0.50 0.25 3
F-5010 Ceramic 0.50 0.19 9
35DNE0606-NI Neodymium 0.10 0.10 12
F-7506 Ceramic 0.71 0.20 13
F-10015 Ceramic 1.00 0.16 14
35DNE1606-NI Neodymium 0.25 0.10 31
35DNE3208-NI Neodymium 0.50 0.13 78

Remember that these are guides only and actual holding forces will vary depending on the thickness of the metal you are attaching the magnet to, any paint on the metal surface, and other factors. For safety, always go to the high side by selecting a magnet with the maximum holding force given the weight of the product that will be attached to it. And always test the magnets on your actual product and application since there are many variables that could change the pull force!

For large and heavy items, you can use two magnets, placed side by side, so they attract each other. This gives you more than twice the holding force!

What if I need more holding force?

One way to get more holding force is to use more magnets. Add larger pieces of rubber strips or several neodymium or ceramic magnets to your product, or contact us, and we'll offer cost effective suggestions for you. offers a large variety of magnets in various sizes and materials, that will work for just about any project!

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