HGM09s Gauss Meter with Transverse Probe Kit

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  • Product Description: Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe Kit

HGM09s Handheld Digital Gauss Meter with Transverse Probe & Accessories Kit

Gaussmeter Features

  • Handheld - highly accurate and portable to use for off-site locations
  • Simple to use - only 4 push-buttons
  • Measure static (DC) and changing (AC) fields
  • Read fields in Gauss or Tesla units
  • Range: 0.01 Gauss to 45,000 Gauss (1 micro Tesla to 4.5 Tesla)
  • Connect by USB cable to computer for push button data capture into programs such as Excel
  • Peak hold (positive and negative)
  • Linearity adjustment
  • Null balance
  • Battery condition indicator energy saving mode

Gaussmeter Kit Includes:

  • Transverse Hall Probe - measures fields perpendicular to the probe length
  • Rechargeable batteries, or can be connected to an outlet.
  • USB cord to recharge batteries or to connect to a computer to capture readings into any program
  • Power cord
  • Sturdy Carrying case

Gaussmeter Technical Product Specifications:

  • ​Size: 5.7" x 3.1" x 1.6"​
  • ​Weight: 8.8 ozs. (with batteries, and without probe attached)​
  • LCD graphics display
  • HGM09s Gaussmeter Technical Specifications
    Click on the pdf for Gaussmeter Kit - Transverse Probe Technical Data.

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