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Flexible Magnets

The perfect magnet for your creative product

Create your own moveable art, signs, timetables, and charts from magnetic canvas. You can use scissors or a knife to cut gift items from our flexible sheet magnets. Plus you can paint, airbrush, and write with permanent and erasable markers on it.

Quick Tips

  • Magnetic strength: Flexible magnets are designed for applications where not too much strength is required. Magnetic sheet magnets can be effectively applied to vehicles and used as signage. Strips can be used to hold up papers to a refrigerator door or other metal surfaces.
  • Grades available: Listed on this site are standard grade flexible magnets. High energy flexible magnets are available for specialized and more technical applications.
  • Physical strength: Flexible magnets are very easy to use - they can be bent, twisted, and coiled, or cut with a knife or scissors.
  • How they behave with temperature: Above about 120° C (250° F)
    The vinyl binder that is used on the flexible magnet may degrade - therefore it is best to use this type of material at ambient temperatures. Flexible magnets can be used in cold as well as hot climates.
  • Magnet surface: No special precautions need to be taken to protect the magnet surfaces.
  • Relative cost: Flexible magnets are very low cost and usually sold in rolls of 50 feet or more, or in large numbers of cut pieces.
  • Care tips: If using flexible magnets as vehicle signage, it is important to remove signs from the vehicle regularly, and to clean and wax the surface on which the magnetic sign is applied.
    Check our special mFlex Care Tips.
  • Assembly tips: Flexible magnets can be purchased with a self adhesive backing - just peel off the liner and adhere to your product.

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