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Labeling Magnets

Save Time & Increase Productivity!

Labeling magnets are a great time saver for warehouses, pharmacies, sample rooms, labs and any application involving frequent and instant product location changes. Ideal for warehouses, drug stores, pharmacies, labs, sample rooms, shipping rooms & many others. 

Magnetic label holders can be printed, written on with either permanent or erasable markers, or have labels adhered to the non-magnetic side. Our convenient labeling magnets can be easily moved around with your product, ideal for keeping track of inventory, shipping & handling and more.

If you require something non-standard, it’s no problem. Just let us know what you are looking for by sending us a  Special Request , and our experienced team of engineers will work with you to determine the most economical way of providing you with what you need. Click here for features & characteristics about flexible magnet material. 

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Features & Characteristics of Permanent Flexible Magnets

► What kind of magnetic strength does flexible magnet material offer? Flexible magnets are designed for applications where not too much strength is required. Our 30 mil thick magnetic sheeting can be effectively applied to vehicles and used as vehicle signage. Strips can be used to hold up papers to a refrigerator door or other metal surfaces. (top)

► What are some common applications for flexible magnets? toys, games, arts & crafts, magnetic signs, POP displays, production control charts, in & out boards, warehouse shelf labeling, holders for prints & photographs, stencil hold-downs, door gaskets, electronic enclosure cabinets, window seals, tool & instrument holders, visual aids, architectural layouts,trade show applications, production control charts, movable markers & more. (top)

► What grades are available for flexible magnets? Listed on this site are standard grade flexible magnets. High energy flexible magnets are available for specialized and more technical applications.  (top)  

► Are flexible magnets easy to use? Flexible magnets are very easy to customize to your specialty requirements - they can be bent, twisted, and coiled, or cut with a knife or scissors. (top)  

► How do flexible magnets behave with temperature? Above about 120° C (250° F) the vinyl binder that is used on the flexible magnet may degrade - therefore it is best to use this type of material at ambient temperatures. Flexible magnets can be used in cold as well as hot climates.  (top)

► Do flexible magnets require surface treatments? No special precautions need to be taken to protect the magnet surfaces. (top)

► Are flexible magnets expensive? Flexible magnets are very low cost and usually sold in rolls of 50 feet or more, or in large numbers of sheeted or cut pieces. (top)  

► What care tips should be used for flexible magnets? Our simple CareTips will ensure that the use of magnetic sheeting on vehicles will not mar paint finishes. (top)  

► What options are available for adhering flexible magnets? Flexible magnets can be purchased with a self adhesive backing - just peel off the liner and adhere to your product. (top)

► What is a permanent magnet? Permanent magnets represent the majority of magnetic materials available today. A permanent magnet is made from ferromagnetic materials. They have a magnetic field that does not turn on and off like electromagnets. We carry a large stock inventory of permanent magnets in a wide variety of sizes and shapes which include neodymiumalnicoceramic (ferrite) and samarium cobalt magnets. (top)

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