•  Neodymium Magnets    The Most Powerful Magnets Available Today!


Neodymium (or “Neo”) magnets are a type of Rare Earth Magnet, with the highest magnetic properties- the most powerful magnets available today. While extremely powerful, Neo magnets are more affordable for non-technical applications such as holding, magnetic jewelry, clasps, etc….Ceramic Magnets

 • Ceramic Magnets    Highly Effective and Cost Efficient!


Ceramic (also known as "Ferrite") magnets are the lowest cost, hard magnets available today. They exhibit good resistance to demagnetization and to corrosion. Ceramic magnets are hard and brittle and often used in many consumer products such as the back of refrigerator magnets, in tools, motors etc...

• Samarium Cobalt Magnets    Advanced Material with Excellent Temperature Stability!

Samarium Cobalt magnets are available in a number of different grades that span a wide range of properties and application requirements. Samarium magnets are part of the Rare Earth family; the most advanced, high-strength, permanent magnet materials today. Compared to Neo magnets, Samarium magnets are far more temperature stable, and exhibit excellent corrosion resistance. However, they are more brittle than Neo magnets and can chip if improperly handled.

•  Flexible Magnets  Flexible Magnetic Sheeting and Strips –Easy to Use & Cost Efficient!


Flexible magnets are available in strips, sheets or roll form, and can be custom cut, slit or scored to your specifications. The material can be bent, twisted, coiled, cut with a pair of scissors, printed, silk screened or painted on with permanent or erasable markers, and easily adhered to other items. We offer this material in a variety of finishes and types of adhesive backing, designed to be used in either indoor or outdoor applications.

•  Office Magnets  Decorate, Organize, Plan, & Advertise!


Office Magnets are perfect for both work and home applications-  Decorate by hanging pictures, certificates, and photos to metal walls and cabinets to personalize your work space-Keep organized by using paper clip holders, bulldog clips or magnets for presentation boards, labeling shelves, planning layouts & schedules. Create business cards, promotional items, executive gifts, toys and much more.

Magnetic Coat Hooks are ideal for hanging up coats or other objects onto metal surfaces - Map holders are a powerful solution for holding multiple maps, charts, blueprints etc… Memo holders are inexpensive, and excellent for holding memos and notes with ease, and they won’t mar up your surface!

•  Holding & Lifting Magnets  Small but Mighty! Lifts Just About Anything!


Common uses for these magnets include magnetic tool-holders, parts lifters, clips, latch magnets general all-purpose magnetic mounts and more. These powerful magnets will keep working for years and years. Whether you use it for large maps in the field, or hanging up signs in a store, we have magnets that are perfect for that job

•  Crafting Magnets  Easy to Use & Makes Any Project Instantly Magnetic!


The magnets shown here are the most popular ones with Crafters. They provide sufficient holding power for decorative fridge magnets as well as many other crafty items! Our Flexible Magnetic Strip is a must for every workbench! Easy to cut and available with a high-tack adhesive that virtually adheres to any clean surface.Fantastic for all kinds of arts & crafts projects- toys, games, arts & crafts, magnetic signs, displays, production control charts, in and out boards, warehouse shelf labeling, holders for prints & photographs, stencil hold-downs, door gaskets, small tool & instrument holders, movable markers and more. We also offer additional rectangular & round magnets that are ideal for crafting.