Common Applications for Permanent Magnets

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Neodymium Magnets Neodymium Magnets - Available in DiscsBlocks & Rods - Ideal for both consumer & technical applications: from wind generators to atom smashers, craft & model making projects, door catches, motors & generators, jewelry clasps, closures, name tags, bearings, couplings, dentures, audio equipment, POP displays, packaging solutions, science projects, hard disc drives, MRI scanners, electric vehicles, ABS system sensors, levitation devices, lifting machinery, magnetic separators, switches, relays, DIY home improvement, print finishing, recovery & retrieval, hanging artwork & more. 
Ceramic Magnets Ceramic Magnets - Available in DiscsBlocks & Rings - Ideal for consumer & commercial applications: craft projects, refrigerator magnets, badge holders, latches, display boards, loudspeakers, security systems, DC motors, generators & alternators, lifting magnets, eddy current devices, brakes, clamps, switches & relays, sweeper magnets, science projects, toys, games, motors, magnetic couplings, POP displays, advertising giveaways, school projects, classroom visuals, promotional items, novelties & more.
Flexible Magnets Flexible Magnets - Available in Plain or Adhesive Sheets & Strips - Ideal for consumer & commercial applications: toys, games, arts & crafts, magnetic signs, POP displays, packaging solutions, production control charts, in & out boards, warehouse shelf labeling, holders for prints & photographs, stencil hold-downs, door gaskets, electronic enclosure cabinets, window seals, tool & instrument holders, signage, classroom visuals, & more. 
Samarium Cobalt Magnets Samarium Cobalt Magnets - SmCo Magnets are available in Discs- Ideal for applications where high-temperature performance is critical, high magnetic strength is required & space is a limiting factor. Commonly used for marine, automotive, industrial automation, military & aerospace equipment as well as for components used in machinery, pumps, medical devices, magnetic couplings, magnetic separators & more,
Alnico Magnets Alnico Magnets- Available in Grade 8 Discs & Grade 5 Rods - Ideal for applications involving very high temperatures. Commonly used for medical devices & instruments, motors, meters, loudspeaker, dentures, magnetrons, door catches, radar, MRI equipment, automotive & aerospace sensors, acoustic equipment, military equipment, switches, magnetic pump couplings & more.


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