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Office Magnets

Decorate, Organize, Plan, & Advertise!

Office Magnets are perfect for both work and home applications-  Decorate by hanging pictures, certificates, and photos to metal walls and cabinets to personalize your work space-Keep organized by using paper clip holders, bulldog clips or magnets for presentation boards, labeling shelves, planning layouts & schedules. Create business cards, promotional items, executive gifts, toys and much more.

Magnetic Coat Hooks are ideal for hanging up coats or other objects onto metal surfaces - Map holders are a powerful solution for holding multiple maps, charts, blueprints etc… Memo holders are inexpensive, and excellent for holding memos and notes with ease, and they won’t mar up your surface!

Our super strong & powerful heavy duty magnetic bulldog clips are perfect for any work space. Hang up coats, hats or anything else with our magnetic coat hooks which are designed for long lasting use-

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